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A Year of Keto Fat Bombs 52 Seasonal Recipes Ketogenic Cookbook eBook


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A keto diet must have! These healthy high fat A Year of Keto Fat Bombs 52 Seasonal Recipes Ketogenic Cookbook eBookketo bombs are perfect for on-the-go energy, curing between meals hunger and a perfect treat to fill your sweet tooth cravings.
The keto diet doesn’t have to be eggs, bacon and MCT oil in your coffee, you can enjoy it too. ‘A Year of Fat Bombs’ is a collection of the most delicious sweet and savory Fat Bombs, with seasonal ingredients so you can avoid food boredom and love burning fat all year round.
Why settle for any ‘fat bomb’ book, when you can have a year of sweet and savory flavors? Bestselling keto chef Elizabeth Jane has spent hours in the kitchen testing, refining and breaking lots of pans to bring you the ultimate collection of fat burning and energy giving treats you will love.
Recipes have been carefully curated to bring you a year of treats to match your seasons and mood.
Easy to make, easy to follow and easy to find ingredients. Spend more time enjoying and less time cooking or looking for expensive and hard to find ingredients.
Ball sized bites of keto goodness make them the perfect on the go treat to boost your energy and top up your fat levels.
Look as amazing as they taste. Beautiful photography make them a joy to create. Spring Recipes Include: Chocolate Sunflower Fat Bombs, Matcha Tea Fat Bombs, Coconut Eggs.
Summer Recipes Include: Tropical Cheesecake Fat Bombs, Creamy Coconut Truffles, Cream Cheese Jello Fat Bombs, Fall Recipes Include: Pumpkin Spiced Fat Bombs, Apple Cinnamon Fat Bombs, Creamy Caramel Fat Bombs.
Winter Recipes Include: Hemp & Peppermint Fat Bombs, Coco-Custard Fat Bombs, Simple Mocha Fat Bombs
Make these keto bombs part of your low carb diet to easily increase your energy, satisfy your ‘sugar’ cravings and even impress your non-keto friends.
Buy your keto bombs today and enjoy an entire year of treats. Never have keto food boredom again.


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